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The orifice is one of the equipments that can be manufactured in high quality domestically. It is the most popular and most commonly used measuring device. Its operation is based on the pressure difference created along this device through a plate located on the process to determine the fluid flow rate.

The orifice is a round metal plate with a hole of specific dimensions in it (either concentric with the disc itself or non- concentric with it).

The orifice plate design uses Bernoulli's expression and fluid velocity calculations to measure the pressure drop applied to the fluid so as to measure fluid flow.

In the orifice plate-based flow meters, the pressure drop is not mildly applied to the fluid, but a sharp decrease in the cross-sectional area of the fluid in the face of the orifice plate leads to a pressure drop.

This plate is placed in the fluid path. Lowering the cross-sectional area of the fluid increases its velocity, after the orifice plate, in which case the fluid pressure decreases. Decreasing the cross-sectional area of the fluid results in increasing its velocity after the orifice plate, in which case the fluid pressure decreases.

By installing a differential pressure transmitter and measuring the fluid pressure at points P1 and P2, the fluid flow that is proportional to the square of the pressure difference is calculated.

The amount of pressure drop depends on the fluid flow rate and the size of the plate hole.

The design and manufacture of the orifice plate are carried out according to the conditions and characteristics of the flowing fluid, such as relative density, pressure, temperature, viscosity or Reynolds number and dimensions of the pipeline.

Since the orifice is installed in the fluid path, it is exposed to corrosion and abrasion, and hence should be made of material resistant to process conditions. The most of the orifice plates are made of stainless steel.     

Depending on the features of the fluid passing through the pipe, the orifice plate is made in different shapes. There are three common types of orifice plates known as concentric, eccentric and segmental. The concentric type orifice plate is the simplest and cheapest one.

For some reason such as indicating the existence of the orifice in the pipelines, the diameter of the orifice hole, the material of the orifice, the tag of the orifice, .the input of the orifice on handles, and …, they usually include a tab or handle

The main advantages of this device are the lack of moving parts in its structure, as well as its low cost. The accuracy of this device is relatively low, but its low cost has expanded its use


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