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Oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant complexes are stacked up with large and small process packages. The design principles of industrial mega-plants are based on Modular Design throughout the world. That is, the project design is divided into smaller units and these units are built, installed, and pre-commissioned and tested independently by process package manufacturers. Each unit is designed for specific tasks and can be used in different units that have similar needs. This design method has several advantages including:

  • The acceleration in design, procurement and project execution
  • Small units are easier to be tested and troubleshot than large units
  • Different parts of a project can be prepared simultaneously
  • The units require clear and detailed documentation
  • Upgrading or modifying units is easier than scattered parts of a complex plant
  • ...

Nowadays, owing to the advantages of the modular design method, this technique is practically used in the construction of mega-projects all over the world. Process packages play a fundamental role in this designing technique and building plants.

Process packages are highly diverse, and every single manufacturer is only capable of building a small number of these packages.

Minoodar is capable of providing some of these packages from manufacturers available in European and Asian countries such as Dosing Packages, Fired Heater Package, Electrical Heater Package, Waste Gas Incinerator, Oxidizer Packages, VOC Treatment System, Burner Package, Gas Pre Heater, Complete Combustion Systems. 

The entire process is managed by Minoodar Company, and the design, supply and manufacturing process is carried out according to international standards. Logistics such as meetings with builders, inspectors, and transportation are also handled by the company to provide a complete package to employers.


All the equipments are supplied from the most authentic manufacturers in the world and according to vendor's list of clients along with the required CERTIFICATE.

The names of some of these manufacturers are listed below:



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