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Instrumentation is evolving every day because of the automation-driven approach of today's industries. Every year old builders introduce new models of equipment and new manufacturers join the guild.

Sensors, transmitters and metering devices can be found all over factories. Parameters such as temperature, pressure, fluid flow and flow, level of material in tank, fluid velocity, humidity, vibration, etc., are measured through these equipments and the obtained values are used to control part of the factory process through the controller.

Supply of all instrumentation equipment and instrumentation tubes and related fittings required for oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant projects is one of the main activities of Minoodar.

With an engineering approach and relying on the capabilities of specialist personnel, we provide customers with equipments required by industries from approved manufacturers.

The capabilities listed below enable Minooder to supply instrumentation equipments used in various industries from prestigious Western European and American brands.

  • Using experienced experts in the fields of power plants, petroleum and gas, petrochemical
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign companies active in the field of equipment supply
  • Providing competitive prices
  • Reduce the delivery time of equipment
  • Offering alternative technical offer for obsolete equipment
  • Delivery of goods at customer's chosen location

We specialize in supplying original equipment and providing valid CERTIFICATEs requested by customer.

The following is a list of some of the instrumentation equipment which can be provided by this company.


Pressure and differential pressure transmitters, level transmitters, flow transmitters, temperature transmitters and vibration transmitters


Pressure switches, flow switches, temperature switches, level switches and vibration switches


Positioner actually converts the electronic control command from the control system into a numerical signal and delivers it to the Valve controller (actuator). Alongside the positioner, there is another device called the position transmitter which is used in precise process applications to know the exact amount of openness and closeness for the valve.

Supplying different types of positioners and position transmitters is also the capability of Minoodar.


Manometers, temperature gauges, pressure and differential pressure gauges, flow indicators

Valve and accessories

Providing industrial valves for large projects is both our record and our capability. For large national projects, we have supplied valves in various sizes and with special materials. Minooder's abilities in this area include:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic On/Off valves, control valves, ESDV emergency valves, vacuum valves, MOVs, solenoid valves, tank blanketing Valve, PSV,PRV, TSV and PVRV safety valves, pressure regulator valves
  • Locking device valves
  • Control Box Valves
  • FIRE Jacket Valves
  • Accessories for valves such as flow control valve, pipe, tube and plumbing fittings


Pipes, tubes and plumbing fittings

Air and fluid tube, tube fittings, steam tracing tube and manifold


Special instrumentation cables such as temperature detector cable (Thermocouple) for use in hazardous and explosive areas, various types of thermocouples, RTDs, and related cables used in temperature control systems, cable accessories for SC Tag sample

Flow element 

Orifice plate, nozzles and venturi, one-stage and multi-stage restriction orifice

Other instrumentation devices

Minooder also has the experience in purchasing engineering and supplying other miscellaneous equipment such as rapture disk, flame arrestor, corrosion coupons, electrical resistance, as well as weight measurement systems and explosion-proof load cells.

All the above-mentioned equipments are available in a wide range of sizes and materials.

As previously stated, all the equipments are supplied from the most authentic manufacturers in the world and according to vendor's list of clients along with the required CERTIFICATE. The names of some of these manufacturers are listed below:

PCH (PCH Engineering)-The Vibration Monitoring Specialists

WIKA (WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG)- Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Valvitalia- VALVES Specialists

Honeywell (Honeywell Analytics)

RTK- developed in Alarm. Annunciator technology

Dwyer- Dwyer Instruments

Bently Nevada- Vibration Monitoring System

Metrix Instrument Co- Vibration Monitoring Solutions

Finteck (FineTek Co., Ltd.)

YTC-Valve Accessories

UE (United Electric Controls)- Pressure and Temperature Switch

DELTA (Delta Controls)- Pressure and Temperature Switch


Nuova Fima- Pressure Gauges



KOROSI Specindo- Corrosion Monitoring System

VERSA VALVE- Solenoid Valve

ASCO- Solenoid Valve

ATOS- Solenoid Valve

SOFIS- Valve locking device

HAAKE- Valve locking device

DONADON- Rapture Disk

M-SYSTEM- Digital Indicators

MAGNETROL- Level Switches

DYNALCO- Magnetic Pickups/Speed Transmitters

ASA Srl- Flow Indicators

JERGUSON- Level Gauges

PAVONE SISTEMI- Weighting system


NADI- Solenoid VALVE

CELLA- Pressure Switch

KLINGER- Level Gauges

HANSFORD- Vibration Monitoring System

MEGGITT VIBROMETER- Vibration Monitoring System

PROVIBTECH- Vibration Monitoring System

SOLDO CONTROL (Limit Switch Box)




VIBSCANNER (Vibration Monitoring)





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