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Fire alert systems, whether addressable, conventional or automated and manual, are now an integral part of all industrial and non-industrial environments. Due to standard requirements, equipment such as smoke detector, heat detector, gas detector, flame detector, all types of sounder and beacon flash alarm, manual call points, fire alarm control panel are almost fixed parts of the industrial and even non-industrial buildings.

In addition to the equipment listed above, in industrial environments in order to protect employees as well as expensive equipment, we will deal with tools such as Early Warning Smoke Detector, Linear Heat Detector or various types of Gas Detectors.

The advantage of Minoodar in this area is to have the capability to deliver a complete package to customers, which means, as mentioned in the engineering services section, being able to accomplish engineering and design process of the entire oil, gas, petrochemical or power plant as well as purchasing engineering and supplying equipment as a whole package.

It is, indubitably, possible to provide equipment separately as well.

With an engineering approach and relying on the capabilities of specialist personnel, we provide customers with equipments required by industries from approved manufacturers.

The capabilities listed below enable Minooder to supply F & G equipment used in various industries from prestigious Western European and American brands.

  • Using experienced experts in the fields of power plants, petroleum and gas, petrochemical
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign companies active in the field of equipment supply
  • Providing competitive prices
  • Reduce the delivery time of equipment
  • Offering alternative technical offer for obsolete equipment
  • Delivery of goods at customer's chosen location

We specialize in supplying original equipment and providing valid CERTIFICATEs requested by customer.

The following is a list of some of the F & G equipment which can be provided by this company.

Flame Detector 

IR, UV / IR and IR3 flame detectors and etc.

Gas Detector 

Detection of different types of toxic and flammable gases, oxygen, pen path gas detector, beam gas detector, catalytic gas detector (CGD) and Infrared gas detector (IRGD) and toxic gas detector (TGD)

Smoke and heat detectors

Smoke detector, heat detector, combined detectors, and remote indicator of smoke detectors (when some detectors are installed in places where they are out of sight, a remote indicator is attached to them to allow the operator to find out which detector has operated.)

Siren and flashing light and explosion-proof chassis

Sounder, Flashing Beacon, Manual Call Point MCP

Control system cards for F&G system PLCs

Hima (Co.) cards with SIL3 safety level feature

Gas capsules and detector calibration equipment

Supplying all kinds of sensors, gases and equipment required for calibration of detectors

As previously stated, all the equipments are supplied from the most authentic manufacturers in the world and according to vendor's list of clients along with the required CERTIFICATE. The names of some of these manufacturers are listed below:

Honeywell (Honeywell Analytics)

SES ASA Engineering





NET SAFETY- Flame and Gas Detection


SA Fire Protection

BW Technologies



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