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With an engineering perspective, consisting of a number of engineers from the oil and gas industry, we established Minoodar Company in 2012 to provide commercial services based on engineering capabilities in the oil, gas, petrochemical and electrical power industries. The company is mainly involved in the import and supply of instrumentation, electrical, telecommunication, control systems and F&G equipments as well as process packages, metering packages and analyzers. Based on our knowledge of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, our proposals are in line with the needs of these industries. During these years of Minoodar's activity, with a forward-looking approach, we have always preferred the quality of work over the volume of sales, and we have come to experience that delivering quality solutions in a timely and responsible manner will be equivalent to success in business. In recent years, we have provided various equipments for large oil and gas companies of the country in all fields mentioned- above and now Minoodar in addition to be on the AVL of dozens of oil and gas and petrochemical companies, is on the AVL of the oil company without financial constraints. Now, relying on our core values of "perseverance, honesty and creative solutions", we are ready to execute and supply large-scale projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and power plants, and we can also offer Purchasing Engineering services to esteemed employers in this field. Please refer to various sections of the website for a closer look at our experiences and abilities and other information you may be interested in.

We have also been involved in installation and commissioning of the supplied equipments on a variety of projects according to the needs of employers. Despite the sanctions, Minoodar always provides various supplied goods with warranty service.

In addition to this, Minoodar also provides design services in specific sections which you can refer to in the relevant section on this website to see these capabilities.

The supply of some instrumentation equipment from overseas is not economical due to good capabilities as well as high quality products in the domestic production sector. In the "Products" section you can see such products. The equipment will be manufactured to the latest standards and will provide customers with the necessary certificates.

We invite you to visit the various sections of this website and thank you for taking the time to do so.


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